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Default Re: I Have Just Been Visted By State Authorities!!!!! 5pm Wednesday Oz time.

Thanks Mary. I have to research it more when I have time.

As for phone taps YOU BUNCH OF WHACKY PARANOID FOOLS!!!!....of course they're surveilling your lines of communication!

Thay have budgets to keep and bored analysts to amuse.

Plus the fact that this site above ANY other is filled with religious fervur and if theres one thing the Masters fear is a bunch of Religiously motivated whacko's.

They much prefer funding the Limp Wristed Left who are too busy keeping their Dreadlocks in order and smoking dope to actually change anything.

Some info for you.

A good friend of mine works in the phone exchange in my home town in Perth. ALL surveillence is done in the exchange.

Nearly all exchanges are software based with old 486 boards handling approx 5000 calles a peice.

My friend can listen in on ANY communication simply from his laptop from ANYWHERE in the world even with a simple dial up connection.

Thats how easy it is.

No need for breaking into your home.

'Bug Finders' wont work unless you're being surveilled by a private security firm who dont have access to the exchange.

As for actual listening devices in your home. The days of 'radio frequency bugs' are long gone. They are still used occasionally but really good surveillence is done by placing devices in electronic goods and sending the signal over the power line grid.

Know how your baby monitor works?

Watch your power boards and note if they've been moved or tampered with.

It's quite a dirty little secret that is surprisingly still little known. Your simple old power line is a great way to send electronic communication.

They claim there are problems with interference over the lines which is why it's not extensively used as a form of communication...bollocks.

They can filter out a voice communication from a ADSL line but cant stop VHF/UHF interference. Bollocks!

I said on this forum a few weeks ago that it was being monitored. The powers that be fear individuals motivated by Religion. Alot of these type of people are also mentally unstable...

:-D So my Psychiatrist keeps telling me.

I absoloutly believe your stories and suspicions of being monitored. I gaurantee you are. Simply because it is so easy to do.

Another factor is simply that corporate managers of the intelligence services are desperate to keep and expand budgets. If you even remotely fit the bill you will get some attention.

Just dont advocate outright violence (except burning down "Freemason Lodges"...which i suspect was a motivation behind my visit as I had placed my name on this site) :-?

The Masons are very powerful here in Oz. They hang out at the "Australia Club" on St Georges Terrace in Perth. I think they may not have enjoyed having that aired over the net...of course maybe i'm just paranoid...

Which remninds me of a great Australian movie "Chopper". In it 'Chopper' is accused of being overly paranoid (he's a standover man), he replies..."just because I'm paranoid does'nt mean people ar'nt trying to kill me". :-x

I understand the reluctance to post any identifying info over the web.

However, I'm sick of being intimidated by a bunch of half breed whacko's who earn way to much cash and have way too much time on their hands.

They should know that ordinary people will not be intimidated. Violence should NEVER be an option to us except in the most extreme Police State crackdown. But they should know, if they try to force the Beast System on us...we will not take it.

I do belive God is quite specific on that point.

And thats why they fear this site.

P.S Have been very busy. Trying to raise funds for camera equipment etc...

I've reached the point of optimal frustration and want to use my incredible sarcastic powers to annoy powerful people even more.
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