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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

Yo Oz,

Been away a while.

Attending a terrorist raining camp in Bali.

Learning the subtle art of Strawberry Dacharie chugging.

It's a lost art but rest assured, i'm ready for anything.

Sorry to get off ttrack...

I cant remember my exact previous comments on La Rouche or CEC but I'll be brief.

They have great ideas. ABSOLOUTLY. Colin Barnett has just stolen a CEC idea for a water canal from the North West. I'm sure they're having an effect.

I agree with most of what La Rouche says.

I just dont like the ferver. It's also filled with engineer's and such like. People with very rational minds and I might add very limited in their general reading.

They sound a little too like Plato's 'Philosopher Kings' to me.

I questioned a few things and they got quite hostile. They are adhering to dogma to defend themselves from the dogma of the opposite side.

That being said...they are still light years ahead of the rest simply because they have a vision and want to take control of Australia for Australians. If I voted...i'd vote for them.

However, I believe the days of organised/centralised movements are over. I agree with Historian and author Anthony Sutton that the soloutions will come in a million different forms from a million different people.

You ask my version of 'Fascism'. You're right in what you say. It's thrown around alot. My version is simply the merging of the Corporation and the State based on the generally agreed value of dogmatic adherence to principles of the rational. The aim is too eliminate ALL doubt.

When I hear people speak dogmatically of this and that and that they have the perfect system then they're speaking Fascism. I'm guilty at times.

Men suffer from the Fascistic affliction the most as men have a far lesser capacity for doubt and letting go.

Women can tolerate doubt and not knowing. They can live in the moment.

Men still believe they must conquore the world. This is an infantile state. Mother Nature will be disagreeing shortly.

If I may be pigeon holed then i am a 'Libertarian'.

I believe that people, when left alone by the State, will work things out for themselves.

I am optimistic about human beings. I believe they are basically good and it takes serious effort to make them do bad things.

We must think locally and act locally. The desire to change the world is a childish illusion.

When people are not manipulated by outside forces they will generally act from their instincts and act for the common good even though they may be acting in the belief they are serving their own interests.


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