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This is interesting and informative - thank you, everyone. Every bit of information helps me put all thisinto a proper perspective.

My military records are somewhere in storage, according to my mother. I'll ask if she can find them when things aren't so hectic for her.

I rarely watch television, it gives me headaches and dumps a load of unwanted psychic garbage on me -except for [adult swim] - which I can tolerate, lol.

And even though it was intended as an insult - the "jewry" statement makes a point in an of itself.

There has been a very strong German presence running through this entire experience, and I'm not talking about anti-semitism.

I'm talking more about reading the proper books, keeping the mind sharp and the body strong, working towards something "greater" and "higher" than the standard that is washed over the majority of the masses. Becoming the best person possible and striving for the highest human ideals.

There has been no talk (or prompt) of Anti-Semitism, although I have a strong hatred of hyper-consumerism. I own two guitars, a laptop, a backpack, an old 1940's typewriter, two footlockers full of symbollic "trophies" I kept from my time on the road (I call them my "spoils of war"), two sets of boots, one pair of sandals and a few clothes...and I don't have need (or want) of much else.

It you want some funny experiences that happened to me in Seattle regarding the "SS" and the "game" that I was a member of the "youth fighting on the front" I'd be more than happy to discuss this with you in private message.

I'm not going to play off like all of this has been fun and games, though - there have been intense moments with this line of prompting in the past - but seeing as I'm female, I think they've been rather lienient with me.

It's just reaffirming knowing there are other people out there who can relate or understand.

Things aren't as clear as they used to be, and I'm no longer "in the loop" so to speak. I'm currently stuck in a small town in one of the most poorly educated states in the Union and there is no one I can talk to about this in the area.

Since I've moved here, the ideology has gone from Germanic ideals of excellence to outright hate, distrust and contempt for anything different, and it's been very difficult trying to deal with whatever locals are in on this whole thing.

If there is anything else I can volunteer - please do not hesitate to ask.
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