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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

Back on topic...

Here in Oz a recalcitrent child sex offender is on the run.

He is being chased out of every town he goes to.

He refused to take part in ANY rehabilitation while inside.

I noted the sick psychiatrist the best..."these people call themselves Christians but cant forgive and live and let live"...[paraphrasing].

No, people just dont want a sick, fucked up, child molester in their community. I say YAY for the rednecks. The sick little so and so's should know that they will be hounded EVERYWHERE that they go.

One can only forgive when the individual shows remorse and repents and asks for forgiveness. This sick **** shows none of that and will therefore suffer.

In earlier times degenerates like this would have been cast out and died off.

Now they can hide in society and multiply.

I agree Mary. VERY few child sex offenders rehabilitate. They are the worst at reoffending.

The people of any community have a right to say who lives in their community.

If the paedophiles wish they can form their own community and live together.

Degenerate behaviour in all it's forms (including State sanctioned war) takes place because the citizenry refuse to actively take part in the protecting of thier culture and conscience.

As they say, if you dont take control of your life then some one else will.
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