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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

allright, here it is. this is the problem i have with islam. you cant just quote some verses from the Bible to prove your point while at the same disregarding other verses that discredit what you say. Jesus either was the Son of God or he was a complete madman. HE states this. Peter calls Him that. As He's casting out demons, they say as much. You cant just accept some of which he says. If he wasnt the Son, then he was a madman and a blasphemer. If He was just a man as you say and JUST a prophet as Islam states, then youre all terribly misguided. How could you accept a prophet who claims to have powers that God alone has. He would have to be delusional to say those things and probably possessed by a demon. There's no logical way Jesus could just be a prophet. And Ahmad what Bible are you using to quote those verses? I would like to know what translation that is
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