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Default Electronic Weapons

Any comments on "Electronic Weapons"
Are you refering to non-lethal weapons? Crowd control type stuff? If so, goto Alex Jones's web sites and search through his archives. There's tons of stuff their.

On a similar note...I was watching a doco on Iraq by an Australian reporter (Liz Jackson) for the award willing Oz current affaris program "4 Corners". The reporter interviewed an Iraqi man who formed part of the original Baghdad resistance and he stated ( and i quote)..."they did'nt use bombs, they did'nt use bullets. They melted people, they melted cars".

This seemed an amazing revalation to me and something people would pick up on. No one has followed it up. Of course it wouyld be standard that new weapons would be tested in Iraq.

As a side note...i rang the ABC to get a copy of the program. I also contacted the reporter Liz Jackson. She seemed disinterested in my comments on the possibility of exotic weapons being used in Iraq and strangely the ABC refused my request for a copy of the program stating that there were copyright issues? Whatever.

Interesting thread...

Thread Link

Much work has to be done on understanding the effects of these types of weapons, army officials said. The US has had a classified directed-energy weapon for 20 years but it has never been used because commanders have been unsure what the effect on people would be, said Brigadier General Philip Coker, director of capabilities developments at the Futures Center, Training and Doctrine Command.

I cannot recommend "Janes Defence Weekly" enough. Like ALL "industry publications" they have to tell the truth.
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