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Default Re: Why leave the door open to China?

truebeliever, I think your are messing in things you don't want to get involved in.
My names Brendon O'Connell. I live in Western Australia.

Whats your name? You are so powerful surely you ar'nt scared to put your real name up here?

You are undoubtably ex-military. Why would you lie? There are 2 million cretins in the U.S military so why would'nt you be in it?

As a Gunnary Sergent (on exchange) said to a friend of mine in East Timor..." i'm gonna miss you boys, at least you guys can think". Meaning he considered the U.S military filled with degenerate losers who are given the choice of jail or the military. This is why Delta (Combat Operations Group) refuse to deploy with the dickhead army Rangers and the Oz military in general are more scared of trigger happy 19 year old American twits with guns than the official enemy.

As for "tailhook" was a Pentagon thing and not related to any particular service. It was the method used to blackmail armed forces officers. Namely being filmed with hookers and homosexual activity...something I gathered you may be into.

You are obviously a spammer. I urge Makow to ban you. You have nothing to give to this site.

The fact that you make ridiculoud threats over the net should be enough.

But do will you be threatening me?
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