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Default Re: The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (vid)

I am not dismissing it, but it does get tiresome constantly to hear "it was the Jews" about every dark chapter in human history.
Yeh, it's called "jew fatigue".:-)

The point of the presentation is "hidden history". No other "people" have so hidden their dark hand in history than "the jews". They have made it an art to keep out of the spotlight to the point where if I make the simple historical observation that the first mass bankers in the world were jewish i am labelled a "Nazi anti-semite racist". Simple truths can be dusted over to the point of the ridiculous.

The conspiracy is Satanic. Who else would Satan corrupt first but the original people of the rightous monotheistic God? Satan has moved well into ALL races and religions to the point where the law of God has been made into "none effect". Humans now make their own laws as they see fit under the guise of Secular Humanism...formerly called "dialectical materialism" and even "the age of reason" before that.

We seem to constantly swing between two opposing extremes. One is that jews are a simple benevolent people who get constantly picked on by jealous Goyim. The other is that by getting rid of ALL jews the rivers will flow with honey and a new golden age will follow.

We must be able to walk and chew gum.

The history of athiestic Jewish subversion of "throne and alter" is their for all to see. Anyone who knows basic Jewish ideology originating from the Talmud knows that Jews are told from birth that they will establish a "golden city" on Earth named Zion (Sion). From there a magnificent class of Elitist Rationalists will "invent" new laws based on the whim of the day. Heres where they are going to do it from...

Please note the pyramid with all seeing eye on the Israeli Supreme Court building built and paid for by Rothschild.

The centralization of power did not begin with the jews and will not end with them. We have to call a spade a spade while at the same time not slip into a generalised hating of Jews.
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