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Default Re: The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (vid)

The Jewish religion is RACIST as seen in both the Torah and the Talmud!
You should put things in context. The Torah was a rightous and extremely relevant text for the day...and still is. What problem do you have with Moses 10 Commandments?

When the Hebrews were smiting the Cananites under Gods orders 3000 years ago it was because of the Cananites love of sacrificing little babies to MOloch (Satan) and other nasty little habits. The 10 Commandments are an amazing set of laws to come about at a time of such animal behaviour by man.

The coming of Christ finished the Covenant and made a new one based on love and compassion combined with the 10 Commandments. To not live by these laws makes you a dog, cattle, a simple animal...just have a look at the perverted behaviour we see all around us. I see people living and acting little better than dogs on heat.

As for the Talmud? No better example of filth and bigotry exists on this planet under the giuse of religious law.
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