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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Aliens arent demons!
First we keep going to analyse what is the difference.
Aliens are prople like us but what different bodies but they have DNA like us but gentetical information is a little bit different. There are many different aliens . There are good(positive) aliens and negative aliens.
History known and recognise a famous aliens being good : big blonds or big golden i dont know how in english is the therm. But they ussualy take care about us they never influence our history or broke our free will They know divine laws and never broke.
The famous alien , but negative is : little grey. We see in every movie where is about aliens a face being like them. They are famous because they want to use us slaves. They had in touch with people and influence us . Then target is nevative thats obvious. Who doesn't heared about kidnapping or take away for some experience in weird labs. Who doesnt see in different places UFO. Yes UFO machines was made by germans also in Second War (little gray technology).
Keep searching a book in that sense. Secret mission " Trojan Horse" - by Richard Gleen.[url=]
\"Humanity sometimes trips on the Truth, but quickly recovers and follows its course. (Murphy\'s Law)
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