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Default Re: UFO propaganda is among the chief false teachings of our age

Before I say this I want to make clear that I am a bible beliving Christian. That Jesus is my Lord and savior and that the bible is Gods inspired book to us humans.

About 4 years ago I was working on my rooftop, it mas mid afternoon on a bright day and i looked up to the sky and I saw a huge flying structure that resembled a rig of some sort. It was difficult to size it because there was nothing to compare it with except some people like beings. By using the people (asuming they wher of normal stature) I would say it was at least 50 by 75 wide by about 150 feet long.

It looked like it was made of metal I frames.
The shape was rectangular and within the structure there was a large cylindrical object (sort of like gas tank) and this was connected to a large rectangular box. The colors where yellow and reddish and white and their appeared to be some stairs and men working on it.

It moved slowly on a northeast to south west direction, I could here a faint hum like noise, sort of the type associated with neon lights.

I stood looking for about 10 minutes not knowing what to think. As soon as the object dissapeared i climed down and went to my bed totaly agast at what i saw. As I climed down I felt like i was in an altered state sort of like sleep walking. and went directtly to my bed aprayed to God.

For some reason I forgot the experience for a long time it compleatly erased from my mind until a year ago when i was working again on the rooftop and i suddenly remembered and still think about it daily.

As a human I cannot claim nor reject the existance of ufo's or life in other worlds it would be to arrogant on my part to say any such things.

But I saw what I saw, I cannot not say that it was alien nor that it was earth made but I do know it was their, up in the air and it was no airplane or zepplin type craft.

I have never know of anyone seeing such a craft.

The bible does not mention life on other worlds it does not say anything against it.

What are demons to some are are aliens to others and they both could be right. Maybe there are aliens/demons in ufos and also humans in ufo's.

AS a Christian I cannot let this experience overwhelm me because there is much that I don't know. All I know is that Jesus is coming back and that he will destroy the antichrist and rule earth and that I saw what I saw.


I do not read ufo books.
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