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angelkiller wrote:
Hmmmmm...I fear the real reason that pot and other "wonders" of creation are illegal is because they are associated with ancient pagan practices. To legalize drugs now would make christianity look foolish and help pave the road for a new pagan resurgance. Christianity is a religion that controls people. Returning to ancient practices would undermine its role and therefore drugs will not likely be legalized.
I would argue that "nature" has been outlawed and the ancient pagan practices are alive and well and you can't avoid them once you've familiarized yourself enough with them.

This is an interesting topic and I have too much to say on it so I'll drop some bulleted items for consideration:

*In most colonies of America during the time between 1631 through the early 1800's cannabis hemp was legal tender. (money) You could even pay your taxes with hemp for over 200 years.

*In 1942, the U. S. government distributes 400,000 lb. (pounds) of cannabis hemp seed to American farmers from Wisconsin to Kentucky.

*All of the founding fathers of this nation were Masons as well as almost all of the presidents. The building of early American colonies as well as the American Revolution would not have been possible if it were not for a very special plant. The Cannabis / Hemp plant was used throughout the world since the beginning of time for just about everything that mankind needed. Paper made from hemp was used for books, bibles, maps, and money. You can produce 4 times as much paper from an acre of hemp as you can from an acre of trees at 1/4 the cost, 1/5 the pollution, it is 10 times stronger and lasts up to 1000 years instead of only 50. And it can be recycled 4 times as many times as paper from wood pulp.

*The Constitution was printed on hemp paper as well as the first 3 drafts of the Declaration of Independence. Even great sailing ships like the U.S.S. Constitution were made primarily out of hemp. Hemp is the STRONGEST natural fiber on the planet. Hemp is 26 times stronger than cotton and 10 times longer lasting. The first Levi jeans were made out of hemp as well as all of the soldier's clothes for the Revolutionary War.

*It requires no chemicals to grow, has very few natural enemies, and grows in the widest variety of climates of any weed or plant. It is also the FASTEST GROWING plant on the planet, growing 4 times faster than corn.

*The seeds from the hemp plant provide the highest source of complete vegetable protein of any food source on earth. Even higher than soybeans. It has also been re-realized lately that the hemp seed is the highest source of Essential Fatty Acids in the world. ESSENTIAL, meaning :NECESSARY FOR LIFE, Fatty Acids are necessary for us and beneficial for cleaning the cholesterol out of the arteries naturally. All oils in the supermarket are bad since they are placed in clear plastic containers and exposed to direct sunlight. They become as bad as saturated fats, and end up CAUSING cholesterol buildup, leading to heart attacks, etc.

*Hemp seed oil can even be used as a machine-grade lubricant for engines and other machines replacing petroleum oil from the ground.

*Henry Ford built his Ford Model-T using hemp to line the side panels. The impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel alone. This would eliminate many vehicular deaths today. The Model-T was also designed to run on hemp fuel which Henry Ford grew. This was displayed in Popular Mechanics in Feb. of 1938.

*100% of the studies done at dozens of American universities and research facilities show pot toxicity does not exist. medical history does not record anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana ever. (Info taken from - UCLA, Harvard, Temple, etc.)

*Concentrated extracts of Cannabis from the flowers were the 2nd most used medicines in America for 150 years for over 100 separate medical illnesses. It is probably the best natural medicine for Glaucoma, stress, and controlling nausea, and works very well for arthritis , asthma, and epilepsy. It is estimated that Hemp would have at least 50,000 commercial uses if it were legal in America today.

*According to the Encyclopędia Britannica Eleventh Edition, the word assassin derives from the Arabic word حشّاشين (haššāšīn), or Hashshashin, an Islamic sect of militants founded by Hassan-i-Sabah who were supposedly avid hash-eaters. This is also the view expressed by Charles Baudelaire in his Artificial Paradises of 1857. However, some argue that the term was created due to political reasons. In his novel Angels and Demons, Dan Brown also referenced the purported historical link between the term 'assassin' and 'hashish.'

*The reason that Hemp is illegal in America today is because the main families in America (Masons), the Harrimans and Rockefellers (Standard Oil), the Whitneys (Eli Whitney-Cotton Gin), Dupont (Chemicals in wood pulp processing and cotton pesticides), and Hearst (Newspapers, Media) find it more profitable to sell us unnecessary chemicals, unneeded dug-up petroleum oil, immune system destroying pharmaceuticals, and axed up trees cut into real thin slices, all at over-inflated prices and at the expense of our health and living environment. For these companies, the real problem is that one cannot patent a natural plant.
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