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Default Re: Holding our government to a higher standard

The launching of an attack by Israel on Iran can be done by misssile. The Jericho 2, can easily reach Tehran. I do not believe we have the capability to stop such an attack unless we were forewarned.

If Israel decides to go for an airstrike, a simple look at a world atlas will suggest that we would have to turn a blind eye to it not to see it happen. Do we let them overfly Saudi Arabia or Iraq, both places which he have realtime photo surviellnace over? I'm not sure.

I think we would let either of the two options open to Israel to happen and do nothing. Maybe publicly critisize them while privately slapping them on the back.

As afar as a draft happening.I don't believe we will see one unless the war gets much larger. American people aren't interested in it and neither is the Pentagon.
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