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Default Re: The evils of the Torah


Please accept my apology, I was wrong. I thought when I responded to your post that you would at least have a fraction of an intellect to work with to at least come up with a lame rebuttal. However, I was wrong, apparently, you'r even missing the fraction.

I am still here. In case you didn't notice, the title of the thread is evils of the TORAH.... NOT THE BIBLE so your response has been ignored
OK, I know you may have trouble understanding this, so I will type it sloooower for you.

O_VAUGHAN, this may come as a shock to you, but (I'm typing even slower now) the Torah is found in the Bible. Hello?? Still there?? To repeat, the Torah is part of the Bible. And my rebuttal to you involved all Torah (Bible) verses.

Next time you decide to respond to one of my posts/threads, kindly read the title before doing so then you won't look like such a fucking
moron. :-)
This is just too easy, I am dying to respond but it would be cruel, like picking on the dumb kid.

You only live ...twice
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