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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

Yup, yup, yup, yup,yup

Funny how the police will cry "There is a pedophile on the loose," when they just set him free into the community. Doesn't make any sense to me

Just as a former Minister of Justice in Newfoundland has been accused of molesting children here in this forum on the sex abuse thread, Nova Scotian politics are also riddled with pedophiles.

They are in the highest positions in our government, here on the east coast of Canada. These bastards do not scare me. They are the ultimate in cowardice. Yellow-backed scurrying rats. I wish more people would realise that their power is only what we give them. We, the people, can take that power back. That million man march started somewhere...

There was a trial here last summer of a particularily heinous individual with a long track record of molesting children and the courts were "thinking about" classing him as a dangerous offender ... a first ... it never happened.

There was no public outcry here. I was a lone voice in the darkness on the radio waves telling Nova Scotians they were nuts for not classing this guy as a dangerous offender... the problem was that it would set a dangerous precedent for the perverts who are our politicians. They were protecting themselves, as usual.

I have a lot of evidence of corruption on these folks, here in Nova Scotia. It is only a matter of time before I bring it all to light. My dad bought off a judge when he should have been up for murder. He doesn't scare me anymore either. I'd say he is more scared of me now and what I can do to his life, if I had the inclination.

These bastards thought it was alright to place me as an infant, into the home of a mason and a pedophile, under the guise of a nice Nova Scotian adoption. There is going to be hell to pay cuz God don't like ugly.

I sing of their corruption, whenever I'm out in public. It's good practise and I am being heard. I go down to the park that is at the harbour's edge, near the ferry terminal and project my voice across the harbour. People on the passing boats will often wave and I wave back.

The locals have often commented that my version of the Nova Scotia song is every word of truth. I built up my courage to come home and sing my songs to Nova Scotia, over in London.

How many times have I taken my children to London to visit the queen? We go to park, we play footie, we eat ice cream and somewhere during the day, mummy stands at the gates to the palace and fills the courtyard with her voice. I sang all over London of the corruption that is Canada.

How many video-taped conversations I had shared regarding canadian corruption? Dude from China was most interested to rub his brother's face in my words as his brother thought Canada was the bee's knees and me and my new friend knew Canada was a completely different kettle of corruption. He found a Canadian witness to support what he thought his brother should know. I bet he showed that video to all his friends. He was so grateful and kept saying thank you when we went to leave his company and exit Trafalgar Sqare that day.

How many folks took pictures of the back of my shirt. "Excuse me, can I take a picture of your back, not your ass - just your shirt..." That's what some of the tourists used to say.

The shirt said DEMOCRACY with a big MIA(missing in action) stamp across it ... - - - ... We all recognize and know the international distress call of S.O.S. Save our souls.

Point being, I got the message across to a hell of a lot of folks from many nations. I sat with the iraqi women outside 10 Downing street while a female child's voice held Tony Blair accountable for his warcrimes against humanity. (When I started writing that last sentence, it sent chills up my spine and my eyes filled up by the time I finished.)

How sad is it that an 11 year old child could have the courage to speak the truth and those bastards did not want to hear her? I heard her and so did many, many others.

The pen is mightier than the sword as words paint pictures and share truths creating common knowledge.

Raise your voice loud and proud when you write and speak the truth. True... don't let anyone deter you from being heard - whatever it is you have to say.

"Free your mind and the rest will follow."

Mary XXX
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