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Default Re: Freemasonry May have been Revolutionary in the U.S or Europe But was Conservative In Australia.

Australian and U.K Freemasonary are very similar.

They weild great power only because many members are in powerful positions.

In short...the FM have always been.

Populated by males who revel in the rational and believe the peasants must be kept under control.

True fascists really, or Fuedalists, or whatever you want to call a bunch of powerful people who want to stay powerful.

They are true Corporatists.

Whatever they are I believe I can sum it up very siuccinctly.

If it meets in secrecy it is'nt doing good for the community.

Whether it's secret political party room meetings or secret corporate board meetings they all lump into the same bag to me.

They are evil in the true sense of the word as they are anti community and interested ONLY in self interest.

Does any more need to be said?

They are what they are...and whats more...

Masons bring child ID program to Fisher School
By JOE PARMON-Telegram Staff Writer

MOHAWK - The Herkimer Masonic Lodge is helping students at Fisher Elementary School take steps to provide for their safety should they ever turn up missing or lost.

The lodge on Monday began a three-day Child Identification Program at the school, seeking to reach all students in prekindergarten through third grade. With their parents' permission, each student is being fingerprinted in one of the classrooms, while students are also being videotaped in order to provide a record of their appearance, height, the sound of their voice, and mannerisms. Carol Longwell, a teacher at Fisher, is helping out with the project by interviewing the students for the videotaping sessions.

The video equipment and tapes are being supplied free of charge by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York, which started the program.

The effort at Fisher continued on Wednesday with first and third graders taking part and will wrap up on Friday with prek students.

Students from a Herkimer BOCES criminal justice class are helping to take the fingerprints, which are pressed onto a Child Personal Information and Fingerprint Kit that the kids take home with them, along with the videotape and information on child safety and what to do if your child is missing.

The fingerprints and videotape would prove extremely helpful for law enforcement officers in the safe recovery of a lost or missing child, said Herkimer Masonic Lodge Master John Longwell.

"For heaven's sake we don't want anything to happen to these children, but if it does, parents will have all the information right there that they can give to police," said Longwell. "It's fantastic to be doing this."

Longwell said the lodge hopes to bring the program into other area schools in the future.

More than 20,000 children participate in the Child ID Program annually. This Masonic community service project has been recognized by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as the most comprehensive child identification service currently available.
This shows the Masons have a great sense of humour.

Best all.
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