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Default Breaking News: Extraordinary build-up European naval and military strength in and around Lebanon's s

Breaking News: Extraordinary build-up European naval and military strength in and around Lebanon's shores since World War II

September 4, 2006

The extraordinary build-up of European naval and military strength in and around Lebanon’s shores... is linked to the general anticipation of a military clash between the United States and Israel, on one side, and Iran and possibly Syria on the other, some time from now until November

This expectation has brought together the GREATEST sea and air armada Europe has ever assembled at any point on earth since World War II:

two carriers with
75 fighter-bombers,
spy planes and helicopters on their decks;

15 warships of various types –
7 French,
5 Italian,
2-3 Green,
3-5 German,
5 American;

thousands of Marines –
Italian and
German, as well as
1,800 US Marines.

It is improbably billed as support for a mere 7,000 European soldiers who are deployed in Lebanon to prevent the dwindling Israeli force of 4-5,000 soldiers and some 15-16,000 Hizballah militiamen from coming to blows as well as for humanitarian odd jobs.

....ten times as much as the UNIFIL contingents require as cover, ...(since) UNIFIL’s duties are strictly non-combat....(and) none of the UN contingents will be engaged in disarming Hizballah or blocking the flow of weapons incoming from Syria and Iran.

[Focus your understanding
on the next paragraph].

...European participants feel the need of a strong naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean to prevent a possible Iranian-US-Israeli war igniting
an Iranian long-range Shahab missile attack on Europe.

[There is some concern whether Europe would side
with the US/Israel or Iran but the command is supposedly under US control, and I doubt that France is about to attack the US fleet.]

[The following is a list of the exceptional fleet being provided.]

France’s nuclear-powered 38,000-ton Charles De Gaulle carrier, 40 Rafale M fighter craft whose range is 3,340 km and that can take off at intervals of 30 seconds.

The ship also carries three E-2C Hawkeye surveillance craft.

The combat control center of the French carrier can handle 2,000 simultaneous targets.

The carrier leads a task fore of 7 warships carrying 2,800 French Marines.

The Charles De Gaulle is also a floating logistics center operating water desalination plants for 15,000 men and enough food to feed an army for 90 days.

The USS Mount Whitney has the most sophisticated command and control suite in the world.

it exercises command over a task force of 1,800 sailors, Marines, Air force medical and other personnel serving aboard the USS Barry, the USS Trenton, HSV Swift and USNS Kanawha

The fleet commander is US Vice Admiral J. “Boomer” Stufflebeem, formally titled Commander of Joint Task Force Lebanon

...(He has) the uniquely advanced C41 command and intelligence system through which he can flash intelligence data to every American commander at
any point between the eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf and Iran.

The third carrier joining the other two is the:

Italian aircraft-helicopter carrier Garibaldi, which has launch pads for vertical takeoff by 16 AV-8B Harrier fighter-bombers 18 Sikorsky SH-3D Seak King sea-choppers Italian Agusta Bell AB212 helicopters designed to attack submarines and missile ships.

The new European naval concentration ... (is in ADDITION to forces) permanently (in) the eastern Mediterranean:

the Italian-based American Sixth Fleet, some 15 small Israeli missile ships half a dozen submarines and the NATO fleet of:

Greek and
Turkish warships.

The British have permanent air and sea bases in Cyprus.

In fact - were one to draw a map showing the immensity of forces - that already exist surrounding Iran it would look like a bulls-eye
with all the arrows pointing in one direction.

The following shows the Pentagon planning that has been going on for three years.

I don't have a current update but add to this the US
"Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations"

that I have sent to you in recent months. The latter has been withdrawn from the government offerings to the public - but is supposedly still the official doctrine.

This sudden new naval build-up of many dozens of ships and aircraft re-enforces the broadly expressed opinion from many sources internationally that Israel / the US / or both will attack Iran sometime before the middle of October.

Since when Sharon's stroke terminated the thrust
in January we have always spoken of an "October Surprise".

My expectations of something in August (connected with the International Jerusalem Gay Pride Conference) were more poetic than prophetic - and I don't claim prophecy about any of these events.

The expected event (ignition of nuclear WW3)
could happen at anytime. It need not hold off until October - or happen that soon.

The expectations presented here are really just possibilities and probabilities based upon surveillance of current events.

Thousands of factors intervene - because there are so many different players that may interject some unexpected action. Nature itself can play a prominent role - and God plays the determining role.

We deal only in observations and probabilities.
The sun will most likely rise tomorrow - it is likely to be cold in Canada in December. A storm is gathering in the Middle East and all that weaponry is not being assembled without purpose.

Such observations are not mine alone. Indeed - what astounds me are the number of similar observations and expectations for something to happen in early October - that I see in the press from
the UK Times
and from around the world.
(Which I have sent you previously.)

Arms and Armada build-ups of this immensity seldom occur without something happening.
This is the largest of its kind for Europe since World War Two.

If I were a watchman standing on the watchtower of a city I would be calling out - that mighty armies are gathering on the hills surrounding the city.

Make of it - what you will.

Peace and love,
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