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Default Re: 10 Mind Control Projects / Deadly Electronic Weapons

OK, well, I could swear that there is some kind of secret marketing or influence being used on the public in New Jersey. Had a reason to drive into Trenton the other day, and I heard what can only be described as a whispering male voice, telling me, "I stay at the Marriott Hotel . . .", "When I feel depressed (or 'When I need sex . . ' it's hard to tell) I go shopping at . . .", etc. I also felt near-ultrasonic entrainment at about 28 to 36 Hz when driving north on the famous Route 1!
If this is true, then it is the next logical step from sound beam technology; it just steps up the application for mass consumption. I would never want to vote in this town if this is how they "service" the public.
And furthermore, the disenfranchised and marginalized sections of the public (of which Trenton has many) are prime targets for mass control experimentation.
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