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If you have visited this site for any time you should see that the conspiracies feed on each other. This is a typical consequence of the deliberate overloading of a child like and irresponsible mind. In the case of many wandering this blue sphere, it is also the consequence of their soul. In the case of metal, the metal is heated and cooled heated and cooled soon this will forever change the structure of the metal. This is the same with a weak civilization. Chaos is introduced as on this site and then allowed to seek its own level. This world is as watched as a specimen in a zoo. Humans run here and there with a maximum life span never to reach beyond 120 years. The conspiracies that you mention are and always have been carefully nurtured to bring about a final outcome. You are well on your way to that outcome, so the truth is hidden in the designed chaos of your own minds.
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