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Default Re: The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (vid)

Christianity has carried on the tradition of genocide with the Crusades, Witch Hunts, Inquisitions, and current wars. After all; it's simply a denomination of Judaism.
You are an idiot.

You speak EXACTLY as Hitler did. Read "Hitlers Table Talk" (Hugh Trevor Roper) and you'll hear yourself.

Nazism is dead. European Paganism is dead.

The freedoms YOU enjoy are based ENTIRELY on the Judeo/Christian ethic of individual rights before God OVER the state.

You want to worship man and his intellect over God and the Commandments...go right ahead. Sucker.

Enjoy the anti-christ fool.

You gotta serve someone. I know who i serve.

I was going to debate you but i'm soooooooo sick of correcting this bullshit. You'll find out who's boss soon enough. You have NEVER read the Gospels much less STUDIED them. So how cn i take a half wits half assed comments seriously.

I put you right up their with Icke. Cant believe Darryl Bradford Smith links to you.
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