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Default Re: The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (vid)

You are an idiot.
You're a dirty jew. Are we happy to get that out?

You speak EXACTLY as Hitler did. Read "Hitlers Table Talk" (Hugh Trevor Roper) and you'll hear yourself.
Hitler was a Jew. I'm not.

Nazism is dead. European Paganism is dead.
Or is it that Nazism is now called Zionism, and Paganism is suppressed in the Zionist Jewish media?

You want to worship man and his intellect over God and the Commandments...go right ahead. Sucker.
You mean follow the religions that were created by the Jews to control us?

You gotta serve someone. I know who i serve.
You serve the dirty bloody penis sucking, racist, sexist, war monering, terrorist Jews. I serve humanity.

You have NEVER read the Gospels much less STUDIED them.
At least 8x through including OT, and you?

I put you right up their with Icke. Cant believe Darryl Bradford Smith links to you.
Icke's extremely popular and well loved, and Daryl Bradford Smith is no Idiot.

If I took your holy book out of context as many contend.. you could easily demonstrate correct context. The facts are facts. You're religion teaches hate, racism, slavery, baby sexual mutilation, terrorism, etc etc.


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