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Default Re: We need to unite

The important thing is that we are prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder when the decisive moment arrives
Yes, that sums it up. We must achieve the same level of unity as the NWO and its lower-level flunkies (Freemasons, Jesuits, Zionists, etc.) have been able to wield collectively against each and every one of us. Even though they squabble amongst themselves (the current Bush/Europe rift may or may not be a pertinent example), they are always unified in their oppression of the "profane goyim".
We must be just as unified and resolute in our opposition to them.
This will be a long, slow and difficult process, since as Dr. Makow observes, the forces of evil have had a long time to perfect this scam, but a forum like this where thoughts, information and ideas are exchanged is a valuable start.
I also believe that eventually mankind will unite in worship of a true God of love and spirtual beauty, and that most major religions of the world stress this ultimate objective. Ironically, Satan usurps everything to his advantage; therefore, the monotheism espoused by the NWO is actually a perversion of God's true plan for us. A world ruled not by God, but Lucifer, disguising himself as the Prince of Light. As the Bible tells us, the very elect will be deceived by this duplicity.
Our only defense is to follow Christ's teaching: "Ye shall know them by their works."
When exposing NWO and Iluminati charlatans, I have found it most useful to ignore the rhetoric and dogma and focus on the end result. No matter how cleverly disguised, an evil tree does not bear good fruit.
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