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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

Furthermore, in Mark15:2 Jesus answers Pilate. He was surprised at the fact that Jesus nothing more to defend himself after that. So Jesus did speak as he did later on on the cross. Mark 15:34. Now i would agree about some your issues regarding the cross. But just because man has screwed something up does not decrease its validity. And just because the majority of christians have christianity wrong does not make christianity wrong. Just because some Muslims practice Islam in a perverted way does not invalidate Islam. These types of discussions are wastes of time anyway, because youre just perpetuating the polarization. Anyone who is on this site obviously has spent time researching their beliefs and are not likely to be swayed. Cant we discuss more pressing matters. And why here even do we see attacks on Christianity? Christians never attack the tenets of Muslim faith. They may however question some actions of MUslims. Although the tenets of the Christian faith are attacked by all. Seems like Satan is at work. Youre just battin for the wrong team
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