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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!


Why Islam Will Go Down When Babylon Falls

When the extraordinary number of sects and denominations within the half-dozen leading world religions are added to the "mainline" beliefs, a conclusion that there is no one true God and no one true Holy Book can be--and has been--reached by many an honest -hearted seeker after Truth.

Out of all this confusion there has arisen one completely obvious and unarguable fact, namely: The Jews--though tiny in number compared to Islam and Christianity--and though fragmented as bad or worse than either of those religions (HERE), are not only in the Religious Olympics with the big boys, they are--by virtue of their long-held secret control of the evolution-instilling Theoretical Science Establishment--within reach of taking the Gold in all categories of those Olympics.

Indeed, both the Bible-based and the Koran-based religions are effectively being eliminated from the competition by the Talmud/Kabbala-based religion. This remarkable achievement has been accomplished by gaining virtual control of the foundation of all "knowledge" by their success in making evolutionism the "mechanism" that explains the Origin of all that exists (HERE).

This conclusion is documented throughout this web page and is indisputably accurate. Simply put: The acceptance of any religion’s "creation scenario" becomes the cornerstone of that religion upon which all else is built. Specifically, the nature of the "deities" or the "godhead" of that religion will be seen to be formulated and established by its explanation of the Origin of all that exists, i.e., what we can call its "creation scenario"

This unavoidable conclusion--once understood and admitted--should settle any lingering arguments about which religion is three lengths ahead and pulling away in this religious horse race (being held near the metaphorical Olympics).

Today’s textbook "truths" about the Origin of all that exists (the "creation scenario") declare worldwide that a "Big Bang" 15 billion years ago "created" the sun, earth, moon, stars, you and me and the trees, through an evolutionary process.

If that is a true statement, mutter "yes" under thy breath....

Thank you.

Now we notice that each essential component of this evolutionary foundation which makes up this "origins/creation scenario" (Relativity, Big Bang, Expanding Universe) is derived directly from the Kabbala of the Pharisees (HERE, pp.5,6 - HERE, pp. 3,4 - HERE). It is this "origins scenario" that underpins all of modern man’s allegedly secular "knowledge" (HERE). It is this "origins scenario" that has knocked the props out from under both the Biblical and the Koranic "creation scenarios". It is this "origins scenario" that has enthroned "Theoretical Science" as the new g’d of truth to be idolized as the provider of an alternative "explanation" for the origin of all that exists without any belief in the Biblical or the Koranic Creator God.

The fact that this new "creator", this "science idol", turns out to be merely the instrument used by another religion to establish its "origins scenario" is a world-changing fact that is just now entering the media bloodstream.
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