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Default Re: The Great Seal of American Freemasonry

DamnTheMan wrote:
spectre wrote:
Tor wrote:
What are you trying to show with this picture? Don't you like money?
I am surprised that this would be your response to what I posted. I refuse to point out the obvious and draw you a map of how to "get it". Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words... or a thousand points of light.

Quit trying to figure me out. You won't.
ive got you totally figured out you jew
Sorry... Wrong again! Anglo-Saxon. Christian.

Am I now to stoop to your level and fire back with an accusation such as "White Supremacist" or "Nazi"? No such luck...

There is an exception to every rule. No one asked to be born Jewish, black, white, gay, straight, intelligent, mentally challenged, athletic or crippled. None of us were given a choice. You on the other hand choose your own ignorance. You choose hatred. Luckily for you and unfortunately for the rest of us, there are others out there just like you, lacking and afraid... who will reinforce all of these little misconceived beliefs of yours. You will side with one another out of fear masking it with comradery and laughter. Fear is an incrediblly motivating force. It governs your words. See for yourself.
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