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Default Re: Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology

You guys need to get over this "data viper" thing that is going around on here. Is it safe to log onto a ".net" website? Do you think organizations are the only ones able to purchase ".org" domains? No. There is NEVER a guarantee of security especially on the internet. Inform yourself. God forbid I mention what "cookies" are and what it is they do... or can do...

Here's some advice. Go with Firefox as your main browser. It can reduce potential intruders (data miners, malicious code) by about 90% as compared to IE.

Available at:

There is a also a free program called "Ad-aware" that I also recommend.

Available at:

Who better to create virii than the anti-virus companies themselves? You know why they call it "Windows" really? Isn't it truly a window into your life? =P

Relax people. MOST sites are safe! Use common sense and when possible quote relevant portions from the article you point people to so that other members can yell at you and rant for copying and pasting.

No way to win.
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