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Default Re: The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade (vid)

Icke's extremely popular and well loved
He believes 12 ft lizards rule the world. I end my case.

Icke is a simple parrot/theif who thinks we are all as under read as the 14 year old pot smokers who frequent his site.

Icke theived nearly ALL of his work from Jordan Maxwell, Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder. Lets not forget Wolfgang Pauli and all the basic new age physics stuff he theives and DOES NOT referance leading to people thinking this "parrot" thought it up all by himself. Lets not forget the huge helping of "Jungian" stuff he borrows from...and lets not forget Sir Lawrence Gairdner.

He's a parrot with a good line. He repulses me. I put you in the same boat.

I have met your sort a dozen focus on an EXTREMELY narrow base of obvious authors and have not read widely. You have not joined the dots yourself from a varity of sources but instead "parrot a line" which you claim for yourself.

You're a dirty jew. Are we happy to get that out?
My name is Brendon Lee O'Connell. I live in Perth Western Australia. My background is Irish.

Whats your name? Or are you one of those gutless twits who post nameless out of fear of their own stupidity? Where do you live? Come on gutless twerp. Lets 'ave ya?

Paganism is suppressed in the Zionist Jewish media
So, tell me how Christianity was "forced" on...lets say the Germans? How were they "forced" out of their Paganism?

You mean follow the religions that were created by the Jews to control us?
Please tell me HOW the Christian religion "controls" people? Tell detail. I want quotes and references.

You serve the dirty bloody penis sucking, racist, sexist, war monering, terrorist Jews. I serve humanity.
And these traits are exibited by Jews alone? The Jews invented these traits? What was "pagan" Rome up to BEFORE the Jews came along? Do tell. Were the rivers flowing with honey? Was the Roman Senate "rightous"? Who invented the "gang bang"? Lets not forget those wonderful "pagan" Nordic Vikings...they were wonderful fellows. Do you agree?

At least 8x through including OT, and you?
BULLSHIT! You've read selected quotes and comments by others. You are full of it and I am going to debate you till you leave this forum in embarrassment.

Dont go away. It's $5 an hour for the net where I am so please be patient. I am gonna debate you into the dirt you half wit as an example of how a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Do NOT under any circunstances go away.

One more thing...

Daryl Bradford Smith is no Idiot.
I like DBS. Why he links to a raving half wit parrot like yourself i do not know.

Again. Answer my questions and I will answer detail.

I will keep close track of this thread.
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