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Default NWO/Club Conspiracy

I’ve noticed that a few unruly elements have arisen in the last couple of weeks. I also know the reason for a few of them. Perhaps you would like to know.
A few people have been banned or have had their access to this site restricted. A site that promotes the power of free speech and demands the demolish the establishment of the NOW, but is prepared to adopt their policies on its own members

The forum opening statement reads:

ClubConspiracy believes in freedom of speech, but will not tolerate abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, racist, sexually-orientated or any other material

Belief is a wonderful word it seems, but has no relationship to the words “Observes”, “Respects” or importantly “Understands”. If they understood these simple and powerful words they wouldn’t need to follow it up with the words…

the administrators and moderators of this site will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible

So just like the NWO they claim to fight so enthusiastically, if your views do not meet theirs, then they will censor you.

What is ‘Objectionable’? Many Americans I have spoken to have balked at the idea that some people would dare believe that their own elected government had anything to do with September 11. Do they seek to “delete” these views, or do they “Observe” the right to a system of free speech?

Abusive, Obscene and Vulgar? Is this the school playground? Are we not all grown ups? Can anyone here give me a good alternative to the word ‘Fuck’?
“This place is messed up” perhaps? Or is there no alternative to “This place is fucked up”?
I say it is the latter. Is this going to be censored by our own NWO? I don’t know. If they find it offensive they will, and that IS ‘Fucked up’

Racist? I notice that there are quite a lot of anti-Semitic views, but for some reason these go unchallenged. Why?

Sexually-orientated? I’m a grown man. If I wish to state that I find a woman attractive, then that alone is sexually orientated. Will I be banned because I say I would love to fuck Gillian Anderson? I don’t want to ‘make love to her’, this is not the 1950s! I want us to fall to the floor and rip at each others clothing before attempting to fuck each others brains out before collapsing into a well sated pile for a post coital cigarette. Not a problem is it? I think the only person who would be offended by that comment may be her husband or parents, but not any red blooded hetrosexual males.

So whose views will they edit or delete? They have already edited mine. There are people who have posted on this site and have had their posts deleted. There are people who have been banned because of their confontation with admins or who have not followed the line set down.

If the admin do not wish to support free speech, they should state it clearly and bluntly, not a hybrid policy. This is not a case of having a little from pile A and a side of order of B. This is an either you do or you don’t.

Say you have the balls to accept freedom of speech stop editing, deleting posts, banning and re-instate the IPs, or let us know your true colours.

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