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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

"The Rapidly Approaching Triumph of the Biblical God and His Plan From A to Z" demonstrates how and why the Bible is scheduled to emerge from the Fall of Babylon--brought about by the fall of Copernicanism--as the one true Holy Book from the One True Holy God while all else is exposed as deception from the father of deception. (HERE).

In keeping with these essays (HERE - HERE - HERE)--which are designed to reach out to the Moslem World with certain truths that can not be avoided when Babylon Falls--go (HERE) :"Christianity & Islam:Why Islam Will Go Down When Babylon Falls"

I counted 20 references to a rotating earth in five short paragraphs of one report about the tragic South Asian Tsunami. Peculiar, isnít it, how 4 1/2 centuries of indoctrination into factless Copernicanism (HERE) continues to insert the "rotating earth" mantra into the most unlikely news stories 24/7? Peculiar too, isnít it, that the powers behind this lie are so confident of their academia and media enforced control over peopleís minds that "scientists" can come out within hours of this tragedy and claim that this quake has speeded up the earthís rotation by three millionths of a second (!) and as caused the earth to "wobble" off its "axis" by one inch (out of 506,880,000 inches!)?? This insult to peopleís intelligence was backed by NASA "scientist" Richard Gross and a dozen other "heavies" (Arenít you just a little bit tired of being taken for a sap by these mind-control clowns who would stoop to using this unspeakable tragedy to reinforce their evolutionary agenda in the unsuspecting minds of millions via the world media? Shameful... ) [Forget the alleged "wobble" fiction. "The world is stablished that it cannot be moved." Psalm 93:1 False science--with all its "profane and vain babblings" [I Tim.6:20]--has never disproved that fact.]

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