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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

The Size and Structure of the Universe

According to the Bible and Non-Theoretical Science

Part V

The Mother of All Space Science Fraud Is At Work

In The Measurement of Star Distances

Considering that it must be clear by now that the whole matter of the structure and size of the universe is a contest between two religious teachings about the Origin of the universe and all that is in it, we must try to sort out which religious teaching we are going to accept when all the evidence is factored in.

Uppermost in one’s mind in this decision should be these seven points which have been shown to be demonstrable facts in previous discourses in this series and in the seven essays on "The Kabbala" particularly:

1) The indispensable foundation of all modern cosmology is the Copernican Model of a rotating, orbiting Earth and a stationary sun.

2) This foundational heliocentric model is built solely on seven interdependent assumptions which deny observational and experimental evidence.

3) The observationally verifiable transit of the stars around the Earth nightly is said by modern cosmology to be forever disproved because some of the stars are 15 billion light years distant and the speed they would have to go to get around nightly is so great as to be incomprehensible and foolish to consider; ergo, the Earth is rotating, causing it to appear that the stars are revolving nightly.
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