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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Ahmad your posts about Jesus are always amusing, in a mentally demented way.

Only a fool would digest anything that you have to say since you bow to a 'moon' god named allah and follow the teachings of a murderer named mohammed.

You do Not know Jesus and He certainly does NOT know you! You have rejected Jesus as Savior and so He will reject you before the Father. Christians do NOT heed the lies and deceptions uttered by satanic pagans but rather follow and believe in the teachings of Christ as found in the Bible.

Your Koran, the same book Muslim terrorists follow, is a book of nonsense and satanic deception. The Koran and allah are leading you straight into hell.

The fabricated 'jesus' of the Koran IS NOT the Jesus Christ of the Bible who lives in the hearts of millions of His followers.

I've got news for you--Christ IS going to return one day in the clouds and remove His followers from this earth.

Like others who are left beind, you will submit to the Beast and bow to him or you will be put to death.

This alien and UFO phenomenon will probably play a major part in a great deception that is coming to the earth.

If you don't know Christ and haven't accepted Him as your Savior--NOW is the time to do so!
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