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Default Re: UFO propaganda is among the chief false teachings of our age

UFOs, ETs And Their Message

People still claim to see UFOs, but the primary area of UFO/ET study today circles around literally thousands of otherwise normal men and women who claim that they have been abducted by ETs. A typical abduction scenario goes something like this. Sometime in the dark of night, a person becomes aware that he or she is being taken out of bed, into the air and onto a space ship of some kind. The abductee is utterly helpless, unable to move, and frightened beyond belief. Surrounded by a great light, the abductee is taken onboard the space ship and met by one of a variety of ETs who communicates with telepathically. The abductee is subjected to a physical examination that routinely features the harvesting of semen from men and an invasive probing for the eggs of fertile women. The abductee is shown pictures or images of destruction. The ETs try to reassure the terrified person by telling him or her that there is no reason to be afraid. In fact, the abductee is told that the Ets can be trusted. The ETs come in peace, they have our interests at heart. They have had a history with us, we have never been alone. They often profess great love for the abductee and for mankind in general. In the midst of the most terrifying experience imaginable, to helpless people who have been taken against their will, the ETs try to convey love, happiness, and peace.

Two primary messages are given to the abductees. The first type of message deals with the environment and with catastrophes that the ETs say are about to overtake the earth. The earth, we are told, is a living organism that mankind is killing. Through pollution, the defoliation of the rain forests, and our general lack of care for Mother Earth, we are on the brink of disaster. We must stop polluting our planet. We must abandon our penchant for war and for nuclear weapons. Both will lead to earth's destruction. Whitley Streiber, a well known contactee, was shown visions of catastrophic proportions that included scenes of wars, earthquakes, meteors, and polar shifts. He saw the graphic death of the atmosphere and witnessed the entire planet exploding. [4] C. D. B. Bryan, an investigative writer who chronicled the famous Alien Abduction Conference at M. I. T. in 1992, noted how many scenes of nuclear war, and genetic mutations were projected to the abductees. [5] They saw apocalyptic visions of a coming holocaust characterized by famine, pestilence, disease, and total ecological collapse.

The ETs tell us that we must stop our fighting, our pollution, show reverence for Mother Earth, listen to them, and clean up our act. They can save us and keep us from all future disasters. One woman contactee is told that “during a future period of human strife they [the ETs] will intercede and save us from ourselves.” [6] The ETs will guide all mankind to a period of great peace and unification. They are our new teachers, here to instruct us about our own survival. [7] Only as we learn to trust them and listen to them can we be saved from destruction. Salvation will indeed come from the skies, but it will come from the Space Brothers.

The second type of message is just as frightening. It begins innocuously enough. We are told that the ETs are here to remind us of a truth that we have forgotten, the truth of who we really are and why we are here. They have come to raise our consciousness, to fully reveal to man the true story of the universe and of our history on earth. In short, they are here to reveal real reality.

They explain man's history on earth as follows. They begin by saying that the biblical account of the creation of man is all wrong. Man is not a creative act of a personal God. Instead, we were `seeded' here thousands of years ago by the ETs who have since been overseeing our genetic evolution and development. Mankind is the product of genetic corrections done by the ETs over thousands of years. [8] Cro-Magnon man was the result of genetic manipulation by the little gray ETs. [9] They say that man has evolved, but our evolution has all been overseen by the ETs. In fact, the primary reason they are contacting so many people right now is for genetic purposes.

This message is repeated through a series of on-going abductions, for contact continues for many years. Eventually many contactees are shown babies that the ETs say are hybrid babies, part ET and part human. Some women are asked to hold these babies, and many come to believe that they are the genetic mothers of these hybrids.

A variety of reasons are given for the creation of the hybrids. Contactees are told variously that the ETs are doing this because mankind is becoming sterile. [10] Alternatively, they are doing this because, as aliens, they only have a limited range of emotions. They are desperate for human genetic material so that they can feel human emotions. [11] Some are led to believe that perhaps the alien's own survival depends somehow on interacting genetically with mankind. [12]

People are told that the result of all the genetic activity and experimentation is to create a new race of men, men with genetically altered bodies that will enable them to enter different dimensions of time and space. Man will be changed both physically and spiritually. We will have new abilities. Today's isolated psychic events will become commonplace as men gain new abilities in such areas as telepathy and astral travel. We will eventually master even reality itself. One ET entity currently being channeled tells us that we will “now have physical and psychic gifts that [we] were meant to have ever since the time you humans first left. . .” [13] All this will be accomplished by the merging of the two species. Another extra-terrestrial entity broadcasting through a women who has taken the name of Zoev Jho has channeled an entire book called E.T. 101, in which we are told that we are on the verge of seeing human history altered by a genetic shift in our DNA codes. [14]

Few people in 1947 really believed that there was life elsewhere in the universe, yet most people today accept it as fact. Given enough time and proper reinforcement, the unthinkable eventually becomes accepted. The current UFO accounts seem so fanciful that, absent a serious consideration, most people laugh and dismiss these accounts outright. However, if we are to study the implications of these messages, and analyze the fallout from them that is beginning to seep insidiously into our culture, we will find that alien messages are no laughing matter. Sober Christians today should carefully examine the implications of the ET messages for our world before dismissing them. Four primary implications of the alien messages warrant our consideration.
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