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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Now if you happen to be a die-hard scientist type, I imagine
that by this time you are rolling all over the floor in
laughter loudly proclaiming all of the 'evidence' we have in
our museums, in our text books, etc. Well, I beg to differ.
It is all based on conjecture, guesswork, theory, & some
very vivid imaginations. They will dig up one bone in one
place, and then another bone miles away, and another over
here, another over there, & they will speculate exactly
which ones go with which skeleton, in which place each bone
should go, what is the proper angle, etc. It is pure
guess-work based a lot on imagination and the whims of the
discoverer. And even when they do discover basically intact
skeletons, they still must imagine what its exterior looked
like, what it ate, etc...more guesswork. Other than
purported frozen mummified mastadons found in Siberia (with
vegetation still in their mouths according to the reports),
I personally have never heard of any other COMPLETE
mummified remains being found anywhere of any prehistoric
animal of any appreciable size. Have you?

Has a COMPLETE mummified Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus,
Brontosaurus, or any other large dinosuar ever been found
intact anywhere? I would really like to hear about
it...especially if it is a complete mummy with the real head
still attached! It just seems a bit odd to me that some of
these so-called dinosaurs had such massive bodies, yet such
tiny heads and brains! It makes me wonder if maybe there
isn't a little bit of hanky-panky going on here. Can anyone
tell me how many LARGE skulls have been found which
definitely cannot be matched to some animal currently living
on Earth? What is the size of the largest skull ever found
which cannot be matched to a current living species?

Taking this a step further, if other such mummified
skeletons have been found, has the mummified contents of its
stomach been analyzed? Has the color, texture and
composition of its skin been thoroughly proven? Has enough
mummified ligaments been discovered, still attached to the
bones to conclusively prove that such and such bones go
together? It seems to me that the more modern-day scientists
discover, the more they realize how wrong they were about
previous theories which were long held as sacred dogma, the
undisputable truth of the day. Consider for example, that up
until recently, it was believed that most dinosaurs where
slow dumb solitary creatures which lumbered about. Then one
day some scientist discovers that they had the angle of the
tail bones all wrong. Now, all of a sudden, dinosaurs become
swift running highly intelligent pack killers. Such is the
world of theories and guesswork! It is very volatile and can
change from day to day. Thank God that our assurances as
Christians is more solid than that!

To add to this comedy of errors, today in our museums and
hallowed halls of science, we have hundreds of dinosaur
skeletons constructed, not of REAL bones, but of 'MOLDED
COPIES.' If you don't believe this, just ask your friendly
museum curator exactly where that 'whole' brontosaurus
skeleton, or that 'whole' Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was
discovered. Watch him start to cough and sputter as he tries
to come up with a half-believable way to explain to you that
they were really 'pieced' together based on a few discovered
bones, or that most of the skeleton is based on some
'original' discovered somewhere which he himself has never
seen! Or maybe he will be honest and tell you that what you
are looking at is not even real bones. I'll tell you, some
of these scientists are so desperate to keep their theories
alive, and to discredit Scripture and disprove the Flood,
that I wouldn't put it past them to plant evidence to build
people's false faith in their ideas!
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