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Point taken and understood.

However...with all the things government health officials could do...why put fluoride in the water? Why?

Why put ANYTHING in it apart from making it clean?

With all the shit we ingest why add to it?

Remember Blue Asbestos?


Remember the 1001 things that have been known to be toxic and yet remain available by successive governments?

Exactly which very concerned government beauracrat woke up one morning and said..."hey! Would'nt it be great to put Flouride in the water"!

I know enough research scientists and other dunderheads who make up results out of thin air to trust N-O-T-H-I-N-G officidum assures me is safe.

I know surgeons who tell parents to avoid at all costs their children using mobile phones and standing in front of microwaves as they cook.

These are people not known for their nervous disposition.

Add to it radio frequency internet connections etc...and god knows how many health effects we are doomed to suffer.

Waiting for the scientists and other educated idiots to tell me what is safe and what is not is not an option.

Hell, they've just decided vitamin C and E have health benefits 50 years after Linus Pauling first rabbitted on about it.

True, we must seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Hitler wanted to ban smoking and the hunting of animals for sport after the war.

Do I now condemn these views because they were expounded by a tyrant?

I'm sure these a middle ground.

In closing...the water needs to be clean. Thats it.

If flouride is so wonderful then it can be sold in tablet form at an exact dose.

The people have spoken. R/O filters are booming in sales.


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