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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

Peace Zanyzan311,

You asked: " how are we to know which verses are Satanic injections? If God allowed to Satan to penetrate one the "testaments" how do you know he didnt inject anything into the "final testament"

The final testament, Quran's text is built mathematically beyond our human ability. 19 is the common deniminator of the whole text, 19 stands for the Alpha and Omega (God), it is a sign that could be easily appreciated and verified by any Christian, Jewish or a believer to reassure his heart.

The first function of this miracle was that it exposed two short false verses in Quran, which were added to exalt Muhammad (the corrupt muslim's idol).

This miracle was reserved for 1400 years hidden in the text, untill the year 1974 when God revealed it to us through the messenger of the covenant Rashad Khalifa.

For more info. please visit this link:
God\'s alternative, USN

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