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Default WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR...and did I mention...WAR!

The internet continue's to buzz...

War with Iran.

War with China.

War with Syria.

War with North Korea.

War with New Zealand...

...yes, if they keep embarrassing Israel. You see, it takes a nation of sheep lovers to cast out the wolf. Australia following? Well, Johnny is good for something after all.

I am no military expert but I've read a Commando Comic and Tom Clancy novel or two in my time so, I'm going to share some basic military knowledge with you.

I wish, how I wish it shuts up the Net talk of war.

Firstly, the U.S military does not have the logistical resources to attack and occupy Iran.

That is a simple and REALLY REALLY obvious F-A-C-T.

The fact that this F-A-C-T continues to be basically ignored by the entire world media (barring very few exceptions) tells me something about all this war's

War with China? China invading Taiwan? Firstly, the invasion of Taiwan by China would turn very quickly into what Thomas Barnett describes as the "Million Man Swim".

I urge you if you can, to get a hold of "The Pentagons New Map" by Thomas Barnett. It's a DVD over 2 hous long and you will be amazed at what you hear.

It's a lecture aimed at Pentagon middle managers so you will actually hear the truth much like the Wall Street Journal who obviously have to tell the truth to it's readers...they run the planet.

Thats what I love about the NWO and all it's hangers on. It's an elephant roaming around apparently invisible to the majority...right there in plain site.

Think tanks, discussion papers, Journal articles, all detailing how the NWO is going to lock you down and it's all there for you to read...if you can be bothered.

I digress...

There are many scenario's to what may unfold in the M.E. With the net now abuzz with every NWO turn you would be a brave man (or woman) to confidently predict an exact unfolding.

My scenario is a simple arial bombing campaign of Iran, between both Israel and the U.S. Perhaps they will be bothered setting up an excuse but I doubt it. They will probably just do it. The Muzzies will be even more stirred up...all the better.

Perhaps a more sinsiter plot will involve a itchy trigger fingered Israel dropping a few cherries on Iran and then a staged chemical/biological/nuclear retaliation by Iran run by western covert ops.

Lots of U.S casualties on the ground in Iraq. Or, maybe (even better) lots of Israeli casualties in Israel and then with a cry... "no more holocausts for the Jews", the Jews will visit one on the Iranians.

A U.S retaliation with new tactical nukes on various targets of oppurtunity may be it. Besides nuke sites they will probably do over the Iranians water supply, power grid and and primary schools which may be harbouring WMD...just to keep everyone in line.

Irans economy has it's difficulties but it is quite independent. Hence another lesson to be independent development.

I seriously doubt a U.S based terror attack of great size.

Too many people in the Intelligence and security services would revolt. They and their families have to live there. Better to have great casualties overseas.

The main perpose of these wars is as it always has been...centralise power/distract the peasants.

Talk is even enough. It works for the U.S Elites and it works for the Chinese Elites. The U.S rampage also works for Europe as European peasants wag their fingers at those trigger happy Americans.

I dont doubt the many mouths at the carcass all with a particular hunger to fill...keeping the restless peasants busy while a nice population reduction is organised is the end game.

I urge the reader to watch "Wag The Dog". Never was this story more true.

I also urge you to read or re-read Goerge Orwell (Eric Blair) "1984". Truly a classic. An absoloute classic.

Forget oil, forget money...keeping you occupied is the main game...then hopefully dead.

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