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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

"3- Jesus was just a human prophet, his knowledge is not from him but from the "father" as he stressed in the bible."

I think you are wrong here. I apreciate your religion because its true but you even know what Jesus means for human being and what was His mission. not only to give us another religion. Buddha did that and wasnt Son Of God like Jesus.Thing twice and if you are not sure don't sustain it.
Thing deeper what was Jesus mission? Do you know what that it means for lift spiritual level and gave humanity a message: God is Love and put Love behind all you do , being very important if you want a true spiritual evolution. There isnt any spiritual evolution without love. I agree , islam is a true relligion with a true message keep it clean without many docmathic things. About that I am talking when I said about christian religion also. They put sometimes dogmas behind common sense and free will.
Jesus mission was to lift spiritual level because for those time. We think only with our human minds, but His mission was more vast about whole Universe, because God doesn't give that sign to stress a county and his people(Jews, I mean).
There are many true relligions on our Earth, but if you are on a spiritual way keep it clean because sometimes we lose the message and we are blind when we talking about forest because trees.
There was a awake true man who after he found God on a way said: Let's see where other relligions goes to? And he become to pray like an christain and all kind , read the Bible , pray a lot and where do you think he gone? Same "thing": in touch with God.Then he take islam -sufism path and goes to same "thing" also: in touch with God and many other religion ...His name? RamaKrishna- he was an awaken hidus guru.
My conclusion is: don't thing other religion isn't good for other people and don't think yours is best on this Earth. Proof it it is the best and find the finnal truth: God and be in touch with God all the time so other people on this Earth did it in them religion. We have true awaken people in all relligion that prove us all these are true.
There is a book calling:"Russian pilgrim" and there the hero had a famous spiritual evolution , but he prayed all the time.
Think , to have a spiritual life all the time don't give you time to think other religion isn't good. If you searching better and truth all rellgion have same message Find God . Where ? Deep inside you because He is there inside like outside He is. Because He let us inside divine sparkle- being part of Him. Because that we can find Him and be intouch with God.
\"Humanity sometimes trips on the Truth, but quickly recovers and follows its course. (Murphy\'s Law)
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