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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MK ULTRA

Well aren't we the laughing man.

Since you brought it up - no. I don't drink. I don't do drugs, and I'm not kidding.

I used to be a cynical bastard until this stuff actually started happening to me, so laugh it up fan boy - one day you too might find yourself locked in Room 101 for three months.

Have a good time sitting there while they force feed you drugs that send you into spasms while play with the temperature controls. It gets pretty damn cold in there.

Protest and they'll forcabliy remove your clothes and hose you down with cold water and leave you to think about ever mentioning your constitutional rights again.

No sink, no blanket, nothing - just a drain to relieve yourself in like an animal.

You'll cry like a baby when you finally see the blue sky again.

Lawsuits? Forget it. Try proving this in court.

Play the internet skeptic to your hearts content.

Be the online badass.

I've seen better men than you break.
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