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Default Re: WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR...and did I mention...WAR!

Great post!

The NWO is on a hard sale. No soft sale here folks. You must buy!

Rome comes to my mind.

Well before I started reading this NWO stuff, back in November, I have had visions of North America being a platform for civil war through increasing racial tensions. I have learned in life that multiculturalism is a facade for racism here in Canada and is set up to isolate, demonize and exterminate - a Nazi philosophy.

I think they are currently having a hard time feeding and supplying the troops they presently have deployed in Iraq. I do not believe that America will tolerate a draft. That's when I think real civil war will become very plausible. In most countries that have undergone civil war, the destructive nature and violence of teens is often a very good marker for upcoming major civil unrest. Doesn't look good for North America.

I believe Swissair 111 was downed as a precursor and pre-advertising to 911. I also believe that they will stage another show to sell us folks into the NWO... I have a funny feeling it will be in Canada where we are supposedly the peace keepers of the world with the UN bullshit and all. If the peace-loving Canadians were attacked, would the world not respond? See where I believe they are going with this - for the long run.

Do they have the skills? Not enough.
Do they have the brain power? They tell too many lies.
Do they have the technology? YES. Scary.

I had a most interesting Sunday chat with a drug dealer, by chance. Both his dad and himself and me concur on this one premise.

The world is being run by a bunch of senile old fucks who are just about ready to die and then the whole world is gonna change. They are a dying breed of evil.

Too bad - so sad.

They want us to war when we just want to live.

Will this civil war come to pass? I believe it will be scary times in about four more years - when they remove the social net from society... you know that they are going to fell her.

Things do not bode well for the U.S. with Bush privatising - giving his friends a blank cheque from the S.S. funds - social security. I have good evidence to believe that Canada will be quick to follow suit.

For a while to come - the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. The chasm will deepen.

I believe Martial law may be an upcoming temporary problem if they can spark up society towards civil war. If they can sell the public this WAR WAR WAR advertising. They are placing war on the mind just as they did sex through advertising and socialengineering. What will this create in the mind of society - a society that wars with itself.

Another bad sign will be the further lowering of the age of consent for sexual relations. I can see that one coming pretty quickly too. Rome is collapsing.

What gives me hope? Too many good people know too much and are no longer willing to stand by and do nothing. They are telling more and more people the truth. I believe I have given many here a very sound understanding of Nova Scotian corrupt politics and her evil ways. Canada is collapsing as we speak and the tide is turning on a community level. Halifax is a shining example of corruption. Also, their are many here who would seek to change that corruption into honesty.

Back in the 1600's, a man named Joseph Howe went into Province House, where I have been banned from twice for speaking the truth... he went into the library and read the corrupt politicians their fortune for 6 hours. After his most enlightening speech - the guard changed for a while... and now we are back to more and more of the self-same dirty sewage called political corruption.

What gives me hope? This system must collapse so a new one may rise - the New World Order? The devil is gonna rule the world? I just cannot see it happening. The earth is God's creation for his creation - humanity. This was not meant to be the devil's playground. It just doesn't make rational sense to me.

The world is living a lie and sooner or later, every man must face the lies within his own life, in order to deal with the lie that is the devil.

Think of it as a conversion challenge. There is a warring demon they's like to place into the minds of all - his name is Lucifer/a.k.a.Satan/a.d.a. the Devil. He believes himself the god of destruction and he can very well be a very destructive influence in the lives of humanity.

This is spiritual warfare folks. What demons do you carry and how do they influence your perceptions thereby altering your reality and your future? To forgive is divine to oneself. Compassion should be the ultimate human goal. Sensing your fellow man; his joy, his happiness, his sorrow - his heart.

Isn't that what parents are supposed to be for their children? Compassionate - sensing their needs.

They are betting on you believing that the devil will win - hence the WAR WAR WAR advertising into your minds. The message they are selling into the mind of society is telling you to think war.

God has sent and continues to send a message of hope and peace. You can find it in love and compassion anywhere on the planet. There is always a hope for peace as sure as the truth always comes to light, the sun always rises, and the Grace of God exists - I believe.

Mary XXX
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