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Default Re: WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR...and did I mention...WAR!

Thats the point Mary. We cant lose. Simple time. Simple changing of the gaurd. It's the Age Of Aquarius baby!

These sick so and so's are at the last gasp. Thats what scares me. It's all or nothing.

The "New Jeruselum". Kingdom Of God is inevitable.

We must only ask..."how many have/will die before it manifests".

Through all the doom and gloom I'm optimistic.

They will back down. Absoloutly.

Once the point of optimal frustration is reached the sleeping giant that is the suspicious middle class that cant quite put there finger on it will wake up.

Of course I can afford to be optimistic. I live in the safest place on Earth. My biggest worry is whether my fish is well cooked at my favourite restaurant down in Scarborough.

I pity the M.E.

I pity North America, who will maybe have to physically fight in a civil type war or at least an internal blood bath.

Europe has sold out. They are enjoying there benevolent socialist ankle chains.

Australians are still surfing.

Time will tell.

Get some sleep woman. :-o
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