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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

Freeman. You sound like a SGT Skull man! Good analysis.

I have serious doubts about this NWO rift.

Bush and Co are well known Europe loving East Coast Blue Bloods.

I am almost positive about what is going on.

Hell, even old Bush Snr was sucking up to Arnie on the telly!

The U.S is the bad cop and no one else could have pulled off the invasion of the M.E.

Currently Europe is tut, tuting those brash Americans and there itchy trigger fingers.

I just watched an interview weith Joska Ficsher, the German foreign minister. If ever there was an example of a NWO stooge their it was.

Over and over we heard the same thing..."the past is done, we must work for a positive outcome....the past is done we must work for a positive outcome".

The U.S plays bad cop...Europe plays good cop. They foster the myth of the rift. The U.S is the terrible fascistic/imperialistic/religious nut case lunatic who must be stopped. Europe is the voice of reason.

Arnie was set up as the saviour. After Bush had trashed the good name of Christianity and ruined completely the U.S economy and bought the world to the brink of war, Arnie was to be roled out at the end of Bush's second term.

Arnie will be the voice of reason. He will be SECULAR. He will say all the right things.

People will breathe a sigh of relief.

The Police State infrastructure will be in place. For all the talk, none of it will be removed. So relieved will the average peasant be after 8 years of Bush, few will complain.

It's CLASSIC Hegel. Absoloute problem-reaction-soloution.

When you want to screw someone out of twenty dollars first demand $100. Shout and scream and beat your fists...then calm down and ask to borrow $20 as if you're backing down...fabian socialism.

Whatever the exact method, we are being duped into beliving there is a NWO - Europe/U.S rift.

The only rift is between 'them' & 'us'.

Foster chaos all around the globe. From the chaos will come a synthisis.

Destroy the U.S from within, economically and culturally. Make the U.S the enemy. Then offer the soloution...

A benevolent, socialist, statist command and control economy run by an Intellectual, political and business elite. Plato's philosopher Kings who worship Reason - Lucifer - the bringer of light.

The planet will be run like an efficient company.

These Satanists will not appear as horned devils but will be dressed in the garb of the clean cut and dapper business man and woman.

They will have no need of silly mysticism, mystery, cultural icons, silly religious rituals and other irrational peasant behaviour.

Just the sweet hum of the machine.

No waste, no dead weights. Just pure reason guiding us into an abyss...god help us...and he will.
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