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Default Re: The "Peak Oil" Fraud - An Industry Publication.

Also your main source is a sales pamphlet encouraging oil investment - impartial? mmm.
No, it ACTUALLY states the VAST investment NOW happening if you care to read.

Also, the simple point that 500 exploration wells have EVER been dug in West Oz while 2,500 are dug in Texas EVERY month! You do the math.:-)

Also, Africa are at 3000 wells TOTAL!

South America around the same excluding Venezuala.

I'm sure you get the point.

"The world is running out of oil"? Nay, I dont think so.:-)

I'm sure your common sense will kick in.

Also, i speak to people in the oil and gas industry from time to time. They cant wipe the "snigger" from their faces.
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