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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

"What would be the effect of exposing Copernicanism as the Keystone holding up all evolutionary Ďscienceí?"

So that there will be something for both Bible-bashers and Bible-lovers alike to weigh in with the dozen top effects that will be listed by this exposure, I mention only that (speaking of the Devilís confidence that his deception-based empire [Babylon] is too deeply rooted to ever be overturned) the verse that sums up both that confidence and Godís view of that doomed author of all confusion (I Cor.14:33) in the world today:

"...How much she [Babylon=confusion] hath glorified herself,

and lived deliciously,

so much torment and sorrow give her:

for she saith in her heart,

I sit a queen, and am no widow,

and shall see no sorrow...."

(Revelation 18:7)

Effect #1: As is appropriate, Godís "Judgment begins at the house of God" (HERE). Christian Churches exist solely to guard, uphold, and preach the Bible from the first page in Genesis to the last page in Revelation. There should be (and will be) one Christian Church because there is one true doctrine on every subject in the Bible. ALL of the churches in Christendom are doctrinally trapped in Satanic doctrinal deception to a greater or lesser degree. We know this is true because God plainly calls them out of Satanís Kingdom of Babylon. "Come out of her [Babylon] MY PEOPLE", He says (Rev. 18:4). The one false doctrine that ALL churches have accepted in the one that God knew before the foundation of the world (Acts 15:18) would--when exposed--set off a domino effect on all Satan-installed (I Tim. 4:1), anti-Bible doctrines.

Effect #2: The Theoretical Science Establishment will be revealed to be the chief tool utilized by an anti-Bible, anti-Christ Pharisaic Religion to make false-science modern manís Idol. This modern day Idol rests upon and cannot stand without continued belief that the Earth rotates on a axis and orbits the sun (HERE - HERE, etc.) When belief in that contra-scientific myth is shattered (Rev. 17:14; HERE, etc.), Babylon (Satanís empire built on deception) will Fall. True science, i.e., observationally and experimentally confirmed science, will be venerated and embraced by all who love truth and the God of Truth, and vilified and hated by all who love lies and the gíd of lies. The technological feats of true science--all of them--present no problem to truth lovers. However, God is poised to put a supernatural can of whoop-ass on every lying use of technology that has been used to create a Kabbalic Universe (HERE - HERE - HERE - HERE) and advance the agenda of the doomed little gíd with no truth in him (John 8:44)...(which little gíd was fabricated by the Ultimate Technician to do just what he/it has done (HERE - HERE)....
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