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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Yes you r right crowneagle,
In Bible there are some descriptions also about airships. And this is true because Aliens help us to be what we are now a human being like we are now. Many sources talking about aliens came on Earth. Enoch was a proof, he gone with an airspace.
Even other Christians will be mad abotu that , that its true. There are aliens on our Earth even we know or dont know. Little Gray are here and use us . Because some guys want to hide them intentions. They are hereand they are bad.Only us with return face on true way - to God, help us to lift in a high spiritual level.
There are in other plan a good guys looking for best on Earth this another vibration is calling Shambala and in thouch with our level. They help us to pass some diffficul times and they help us to lift in a high vibration (spiritual level). They know about little grey also but they work in spiritual level for high Earth vibration and in that way little gray cant support the high vibration and they will go far away because same vibration attract same vibration So we have same vibration with these bad guys. We have to work to change that . All in this Universe its energy and all vibrate and same vibration resonate on same level. So a high vibration give us an high spiritual level. How we will do that? Just pray and back to God. All religions are good for pray to God. Dont think if somebody dont pray and recognize Jesus is wrong. What is wong when you pray to God with love ? Hiduism have different faces of God ( 10 big comsical Powers-feminine part and Brahma Vishnu and Shiva - masculine part) But these are different faces for the Unique God .This is what other people don't know about hinduism. there are plenty siddhas in Tibet India , China all pray to God and most of them so in touch with God in different spiritual levels. Just think and come back to God . Think your religion is one of 100 on this Earth but all only God let them but all religions are tools to go home to God. Just to use them for our rescue and love God and being open for His love.
\"Humanity sometimes trips on the Truth, but quickly recovers and follows its course. (Murphy\'s Law)
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