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Default Re: Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology

You are scare mongering people into not viewing what is going on. My pc is fine, there are no viruses on the site and my firewall would alert me if there were.

This is a serious assault on the Illuminati and they have been caught with their pants down. I'm starting to read mainstream press reports giving it a reasonably balanced view at the moment. They started by lying through their teeth but the physicists have simply taken that to mean they have something to hide.

So get with it guys and help to push it along a bit as I am doing. I have already written to one mainstream journalist to correct him on some science and talked to quite a few PhDs in the business. Also of note is something called ECT theory, which is a theoretical explanation of how free energy actually works. One of the members of its institute called AIAS works at the US Department of Energy. And guess what the DoE is currently investigation cold fusion!!! Think about it, moles in the establishment making it happen.

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