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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

get real,

I am not sure if people can or cannot "astral travel". It is possible that they can. However, when they do, they are totally vulnerable to demonic spirits and all kinds of tricks. After all, this is their realm.
How am I sure ? Hundreds of stories of people who have been there and ended up badly. Also, many people who converted to Christ after those experiences said that Jesus actually showed them the ugliness of those aliens, or spirit beings, or masters of light. After praying to God to reveal him the truth, a guy saw evil werewolf faces on the heads of their supposedly spirit guides.
Apparitions and ghosts come to Christians too, but they are usually driven away by a command in the name of Jesus. Why does it work 100% of times ? Because they fear Jesus like the devil fear the cross (pum intended). I know many people (including myself) who have been visited by those evil guys but got rid of them by claiming Jesus name.
I am getting somehow out of the subject here, but that was the only way to answer your question. If it quacks like a duck...must be a duck.
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