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Default Re: Why I am resigning from Club Conspiracy

So have I. I will be joining the French Foreign Legionnaire's Disease on a trek to the lost city of Pomona. It will mean that I will be away from my family for a very long short while. Barbarian will be in charge of the sphere while I am gone. The Tinman will be made leader of the pack and the Scarecrow will head back to the corn field. When you see the sunset on the marsh think of me and all I have brought to this little world, not much really. My PMs will still be available in a pharmacy near you. All I can ask is that you think of old Tor when you hear the Nightingale sing and the Whippoorwill call "CooKaChu Chu Me Laddie's. I had hoped to go down in a "Blaze of Glory" but instead I will just be back under a different name for a change. It is a far, far better thing I do than I have done before. It is a far, far better reward I go to than I have received before ($6.42 to be exact). It is a far, far better place I go to than I have been before. The Car Wash on the corner of Santa Clara Ave. and 43rd st. I will remember my friends here for a long time as I pine away in that distant land of Manchester with the Fat man smoking old rope. Remember be when the cold wind blows across the dark moor. I will always be waiting for Justin my love to come running down the darkened stair with Tears in all three eyes. Oh, why does this have to happen is this the end of Rico, I mean Tor. You can get me back if you all fall on your bony Knees and beg against the setting Sun as in the distance the Moon casts it soft glow threw my horses tail. Now as I take my leave and go from this wayward site with a heavy heart (pizza)and bid you all a fond and I do mean fond goodbye, let it be known that Tor did not ride in vain, but in an Impala.
I'm Back!!!
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