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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Hi Shatrani:

Good post. Actually Shamballa seems to be a physical plane in the Himalayas at a certain location but in a different dimension. Hence, an airplane flying over it cannot see it. It is said that many of the advanced Yogis, Siddhas, Rishis, Fakirs, Tirthankars, Bodhisattvas and Christ-Saints live there. I also believe that it is the beings in this plane that commissioned for world-changing incarnations, such as Krishna, Buddha or Jesus.

As you had said, it is also true that the current spiritual vibratory level in this planet is dense and negative. Hence, a continuous effort is required to keep our consciousness at a high level. Or else, it will simply slide towards the "default" level, which unfortunately is very negative.

I do not know much about aliens already here on earth, but I'm aware that many asuras incarnate in human form, create a mask of benevolence hiding their ulterior motive of global domination. Perhaps the "grays" are such asuras. The Puranas mention that the world is currently ruled by a few asura families, so that doesn't surprise me at all. But they will all be defeated in the end by the benign forces.

All true religions in the world are corrupted by asuric forces, hence we find too much of distortion. I like the insight of Dr. Rudolph Steiner, who talks about the "Ahrimanization" of religion. The purpose of religion to enable the person to get closer to the Source and become aligned with the source. This can be accomplished in many ways; hence we have many paths. Outer forms are not as important as the true essence. However, the agenda of the asuric forces is to deter man from going within and mistake the asuric forces to be "divine". This is exactly how the asuras prey on the human beings by sucking up their psychic energy. It's very much like the machines perpetually deriving energy from humans in the movie "matrix".

A person's vital essence (Ojas in Sanskrit) is a most powerful source of psychic energy, and the media is a very effective tool for inducing the humans to dissipate it. Everytime the vital essence is lost, the energy contained in it automatically goes to the asuric parasites. This has now become an everyday affair and that's exactly how the asuras keep people perpetually under control and tied to the Ahrimanic grossness of the physical plane. On the other hand, when one makes an effort to conserve the vital essence, he attracts the good devic forces to his side. With enough patience, faith and persistence, he gets access to a source of benign power that will back him up, when the asuric forces attack him. The ultimate victory will always be that of the Devic forces, and this is the good news that all of us should remember.

P.S. By the way, what made you choose the name "Shatrani"? It's actually a Sanskrit word that means a "female warrior" (the feminine form of the word "Kshatriya" or "Shatriya", which means a warrior) :-)
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