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Default Re: Dissapearing Post - "Whatever Happened To The Orbital Engine"

Perhaps it was removed for good reason. I'll see if I can't help you find it.
Please do. :-)

I looked for it too, it kept giving me the prompt that I dont have permission to that page,
not sure if it would help but heres a site that might have a link? 1ee7cafcc
I've heard of them and they are an interresting design.
Thanks for the links TLT. Good to see you.

That post has DEFINATELY dissapeared. I am more than willing to be corrected and increase my anti-paranoia meds but i cant see it happening.

Just for the record...

A mate of mine (Robert Parrin) got an apprentiship with Ralph Sarich (orbital engine and fuel injection system inventor) in 1986. He kept me posted for years on what was happening especially when I was working night club security during the early 90's.

Ford asked Sarich to drop the "Wankel" type rotary design as they claimed it would require to much retooling of the factories. He then produced a fairly basic two stroke motor with only 2/3rds the moving parts and a revoloutionary fuel injection system.

This 1.8 litre motor put out around 80kw of power and could take you over 1000km's on a 70 litre tank of fuel...travelling at 110-130km/h.

Fuel savings were around %30-%50 depending on driving conditions.

People must understand...this was NO pie in the sky. It was a happening product underwritten by Ford.

In the end Sarich gave up trying to make the engine locally and sold his engine and patents to Ford outright for 190 million dollars. Sarich now SPECULATES on property and suggests no one bother to get an invention going. Just design and patent it and then sell it to the big boys. He was absoloutly sold out by everbody and was bitter as hell for a long time.

After all is said and done we heard that the motor would be in outboard motors, motorbikes and fuel efficient cars...we heard about this constantly for five years back in the early 90's and then...NOTHING.

Ford have the engine and the patents locked up in their U.K subsidery.
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