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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Home away from home,

I am familiar with Teslas work. It seems he was in a direction that would lead to break thru discoveries but was ripped off good by the government, Edison, etc.
It is possible that there is some kind of technology we dont understand. (Haarp, scalar weapons) It is possible that some of the UFOs are toys that fly without wings. But the methaphysical, moral, consequences of the UFO phenomena would still be the same.

When electricity was discovered, it was regarded as just one more aspect of nature that we could understand. IF we discover anti-gravity, or ray guns, or even this x-ray vision that this guy said he discovered this month, it will be the same. It is not a necessity that aliens taught that to us !

However, we must consider the MANY fake tricks that demons have been playing with us...spiritual surgery where they remove a big spider from your tummy, ectoplasm, ghosts, etc. It is here for anyone to see. Just come to Brazil one day. In the US those things also happen, but in the basement of magicians and satanists. And yes, it is demonic because ALWAYS there comes a time when the follower of these things is asked to pleadgealliance to the ugly beast.

Einstein didnt do anything for me, it is just a silly picture to put in the forums.
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